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I do NOT allow random people to just stop by my personal home. I am, however, more than happy to do video calls. 


My visitation policy allows for families to visit that will be getting a puppy from that specific litter. But only once puppies have had a parvo/distemper vaccine, which will depend on the nomograph results.



Visiting guidelines 

If you are one of the waiting families who is scheduled to come and visit, you will receive an email from me with detailed information on precautions, but here is an overview: 

  • Make an appointment for your visit. This is our family home and not a store front or kennel facility, please be on time as we set aside a block of time out of our busy schedule for your visit.
  • Do NOT visit our home if you have been visiting a farm, shelter, another breeder, dog park, vet, pet store etc. on the same day.   It is incredibly easy for you to inadvertently carry in disease on your shoes or clothing which will then be transferred to my pups. 
  • Please do NOT make stops – just leave your house and come directly here. 

  • Wear clothes that have not to be in contact with other animals on the same day of your visit.

  • On arrival, you’ll be asked to leave your shoes outside, put on disposable booties, disposable apron, and immediately wash your hands before handling pups.

  • No other dogs or animals are permitted to visit, NO Exceptions!!

Why do I have such a strict visitation policy? 

It’s all about safety of the puppies.  Immature immune systems. Puppies are not protected against disease that can be brought in on shoes or clothing. Many breeders have lost entire litters of puppies due to disease being brought into the breeder’s home. You don’t have to touch a puppy to transfer disease to them. Your shoes and clothing can bring it in and leave it on the floor or furniture, only to be transferred to the paws of the mama dog, who then transfers it to her babies.

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