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What To Expect From Us

When you buy a Skylynn puppy, you are buying a piece of our family and heart. All of our puppies come from healthy, well-rounded, and temperamentally sound parents and represent our commitment to cavaliers.

Home-Raised Pups.  Our pups are raised in the living area of our home, so they are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of family life. Skylynn puppies are handled and socialized from birth, with daily individual attention including Early Neurological Stimulation from three to sixteen days of age and being raised with the Puppy Culture Protocol. They are also socialized with children and other dogs and will have started on housebreaking, simple obedience training, crate training, and acclimated to car rides. 

Matching Pup to Owner.  Our goal is to carefully place each pup with a well-suited family. We make every effort to match each owner or family with the pup that best suits them. Since we know our pups better than anyone, we do not allow our buyers to select their puppy based on looks alone. To effectively match pups to homes, we gather information from prospective owners about their lifestyle, experience in dogs, and expectation for their pup.  We also keep careful records of each puppy’s reactions and personality to assist in placement.  During their seventh week, we evaluate the puppies’ temperaments. In the eighth week, we evaluate their structure and conformation. 

Quality Rearing.  Skylynn puppies receive the best of care while they are with us. They are raised naturally, nursing as long as their mother will allow and transitioning to a raw diet using Viva RawRaw Bistro, and Allprovide as weaning begins. The pups will receive a parvo/distemper vaccine while they are with us. We donomographs on their mother’s antibody titersto determine when the pups should be vaccinated. We send them home with recommendations for follow up titers through CAVIDS before anymore vaccines are given. Each pup also receives several individual examinations by our veterinarian. Most litters will also have their initial eye clearance by a veterinary ophthalmologist before heading to their new homes.

Lifetime Support.  We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed. We expect to remain in contact with our puppy owners throughout the dog’s life and often beyond, so it is important you feel as comfortable with me as you do with our dogs. 


Lifetime Commitment.  We will take any dogs of our breeding back at any time for any reason. We will place the pup into a new, loving home, refunding as much of the original purchase price as possible depending on the age, training, and condition of the dog. 

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