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You should be able to answer all of the questions below affirmatively before you begin your search for a Cavalier.

Are you prepared to ………

  1. Take full responsibility for this dog and all its needs for the next 10 – 15 years? This is not a task that can be left to children!

  2. Invest the considerable time, money and patience it takes to train the dog to be a good companion? This does not happen by itself.

  3. Always keep the dog safe -- no running loose, riding in the back of an open pickup truck or being chained or penned outside.

  4. Make sure the dog gets enough attention and exercise?

  5. Live with shedding for the next 10 – 15 years?

  6. Spend the money it takes to provide proper veterinary care including, but certainly not limited to, puppy vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative, spaying or neutering, dentistry, and annual checkups?

  7. Become educated about the proper care of the breed; correct training methods, and how to groom?

  8. Take your questions to the breeder or other appropriate professional before they become problems out of hand?

  9. Have the patience to accept (and enjoy) the trials of Cavalier puppyhood and each stage afterwards?

  10. Continue to accept responsibility for the dog despite your inevitable life changes such as new babies, children going off to school, moving, or returning to work?

  11. Accept responsibility for the dog’s inevitable changes due to old age and/or ill health?

  12. Resist impulse buying and instead have the patience to make a responsible choice?

  13. Install fencing, even if you live outside of an urban area? Cavaliers are notorious for being hit by cars. If you allow a Cavalier to run in any area where a moving vehicle may pass by, there is a huge chance that your Cavalier will be killed. Many are killed by their owners in their own driveway. Cavaliers are perpetual adolescents and require constant vigilance in unsecured and unfamiliar areas.

If you answered YES to ALL of the above, you are ready to start contacting breeders. Remember, the right puppy IS worth waiting for!

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